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PhotoZou, has operated.

Business name Photozou Co., Ltd.
Address 4F Stwin-Shinjuku, 4-30, Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan. 160-0004
Contact information If necessary, please send your messages via the contact form.
* Please note that we can not support by phone.

Display based on specified trade law

1. Company name: Photozou Co., Ltd.
2. Name of CEO or sales person in charge: Representative Director, Koichi Ishizuka
3. Address: 4F Stwin-Shinjuku, 4-30, Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0004, Japan
4. Telephone number: 050-6877-5752 (representative)
※ With regard to your individual situation, for the protection of your personal information,
We will support you after verify your identity through the inquiry form.
5. E-mail address:
6. Service fee: Photozou plus 1 account per month 500 yen (without tax)
7. Money to pay in addition to consideration: None
※ However, expenses related to the communication of the Internet connection charges
other telecommunications lines must be paying by the user
(As it amounts that each business user- contract stipulated).
8. Payment method: Online payment services provided by Pte PayPal.
People who have no PayPal account, please apply for PayPal account.
In addition, the use of PayPal's online settlement services and other services related matters are based on Pte PayPal.

※ PayPal Pte. Ltd (
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OS: Windows, Mac
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iOS 4.3 or more / terminal as standard browser
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10. Delivery or delivery of goods in the period: payment settlement procedures can be used immediately after the confirmation of the settlement.
11. special agreement related to returned or canceled: Due to the nature of the service of providing Internet content ,
do not receive the cancellation after the paid service registration procedure completion .
In accordance with the provisions of the Terms of Use , do not do refund such charges by the middle of withdrawal .